Meetings & Activities 2013

Parish Council Meetings

That refer to either the Community or Neighbourhood Plan


27-02-2013 Parish Council Meeting
Report back on the RHE work on sites

26-06-2013 Parish Council Meeting
Some residents expressed concerned on the search for Affordable Housing Sites

27-11-2013 Parish Council Meeting
Community Plan recorded as being "well-received".


27-03-2013 Parish Council Meeting
Community Plan finalisation progressing. Council decides to go ahead with an Affordable housing Survey

25-09-2013 Parish Council Meeting
Community Plan ready to print. Questions over the need for Affordable housing. Council decides to undertake a Housing Needs Survey


24-04-2013 Parish Council Meeting
Acceptance that Affordable housing provision or otherwise not part of the Community plan

30-10-2013 Parish Council Meeting
Community Plan steering group thanked and plan copies delivered

18-12-2013 Parish Council Meeting
Affordable Housing needs survey results considered


Parish Council Newsletters

in 2013 briefing residents on the Parish's (Community) Plan


Darlington and Stockton Times

References to Village (Community Plan)

Darlington & Stockton Times 17-05-2013