Parish of Ingleby Arncliffe Neighbourhood Plan

residents of the parish attending a neighbourhood plan meetingWhat is the Neighbourhood Plan?

The Localism Bill, first introduced in 2011, is an act of parliament designed to devolve decision making powers, from central government control, down to local councils and communities. 

It will enable communities to make their own decisions about having new houses, new services or commercial developments in their neighbourhood, and this will be achieved through the preparation and approval of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

A Neighbourhood Plan, when approved, will enable the community to;

  • choose when and where they want new houses, shops or other amenities,
  • have their say on the design of any new properties,
  • grant planning permission for new buildings they wish to see developed.

For our own community, the parish of Ingleby Arncliffe and Ingleby Cross, where we have suffered the consequences of no new housing for almost 40 years, we will be able to tackle the obstacles that have stood in the way of building new homes.

It is acknowledged within the community that we need new homes for at least- the young people ready to leave home for the first time, for young families with children and for the elderly wishing to downsize their properties. Housing surveys carried out in the past 2 years have confirmed this need.

Planning a clear way forward for the building of new homes in the parish is the primary focus of this Neighbourhood Plan.

Made Adopted version of the Neighbourhood Plan             Final Decision Statement

Members of the Neighbourhood Planning Steering Group are:


Ken Jones (Chair from July 2019 to November 2019)

Ruth Eastham (until November 2019)

Hazel Warhurst (until November 2019)

George Hunter (Chair till July 2019)

Susan Stephenson (until November 2019)

Karen Wilde (until November 2019)

David Cook (joined August 2019)

Clive Walley (until November 2019)

Sophie Cooper (from November 2019)