Meetings & Activities 2012

Parish Council minutes

(or parts thereof) that refer to the Community Plan and/or Neighbourhood Plan


18-01-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Potto Councillors attend to brief on Village Plan

18-04-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Update on the IPPSG's tasks. Pre-Questionnaires delivered​

18-07-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Responses were being collated by HDC

28-11-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Reference to a Neighbourhood Plan but not considered necessary at the time

15-02-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Meeting updated on the IPPSG work

23-05-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Mtg. advised that final questionnaires were sent out in June

19-09-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Plan title now changed from Village to Community Plan

18-12-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Rural Housing Enabler to look round the villages for land that may be suitable for affordable housing

21-03-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Advised that a questionnaire was being sent out

20-06-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Confirmation that questionnaires had been sent out

24-10-2012 Parish Council Meeting
Responses were being considered


Village Plan later termed the Community Plan Minutes

IPPSG = Ingleby Parish Plan Steering Group. Assistance from Rural Action Yorkshire and HDC personnel


05-01-2012 Community Plan Minutes
Inaugural Meeting

19-03-2012 Community Plan Minutes
Pre-questionnaire ready

16-10-2012 Community Plan Minutes
Meeting concentrated on actions arising from the returned questionnaires. Housing - consideration on whether further work, including a Neighbourhood Plan was required


01-02-2012 Community Plan Minutes
Appointments made and work stated on questionnaire

30-04-2012 Community Plan Minutes
Records that 120 pre-questionnaires were sent out and 99 received back. Community Plan agreed as the aim and first reference to a Neighbourhood Plan


27-02-2012 Community Plan Minutes
Continues work on pre-questionnaire

11-06-2012 Community Plan Minutes
Final questionnaire format agreed. Housing Section inserted

06-11-2012 Community Plan Minutes
HDC planning policy personnel attended to Neighbourhood Plans 



Parish Council Newsletters

in 2012 briefing residents on the Parish's Village (Community) Plan


Darlington and Stockton Times

References to Village (Community Plan)